July 28, 2013 - Monthly 3.0/3.5 Doubles Tourney


Sunday Morning Session -- 3.0 & 3.5 Doubles

Morning Participants


Back row:  John Fruhwirth & Jim Wilson

Second row:  Jeri Grachek, Ed Trandahl, Gary Carlson (Assistant Organizer), Rick Behrens, John Wilmarth

Front row:  Nick Harlowe, Terry Fuller, Steve Abariotes, Jack Mallett (Tourney Organizer), Mary McAlpine, Tim McAlpine


mary stultz

Mary Stultz assisted Jack in running the tourney and was our photographer.  She also provided ...



Peanutbutter cookies!  Yum.


Explanation of Copyright Law and the significance of signing the Waiver of Liability.

Instructions on the format, explaining the Photograph Usage Release Form, and discussing the finer points of Personal Liability Law.


Pick a card ... any card.

Drawing for the inital court and partner assignments.


First serve.

Rick Behrens ready, Gary Carlson assumes his phantom form to serve.


Nick Harlowe serving.

Nick Harlowe serving.


End of a round.

Second round completed on court #1.


More talking!

So the Pope, a parrot, and John McEnroe walk into a bar ...

Actually:  Explanation of the change in format for the second hour.


Ready position

John Wilmarth ... ready.


Winners on each court.

Winners on each court.  John Fruhwirth - Court #3, Rick Behrens - Court #1, Jeri Grachek - Court #2.



It always ends with sweeping.