The purpose of the OCCA is to cooperate, by written agreement in effect with the city of Omaha, in the physical maintenance, the management, and the use of the clay tennis courts at Dewey Park in central Omaha.


Membership shall be open to all upon payment of dues as may be fixed by the Board of Directors.  Membership will run from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.  Dues may be reduced for any member based upon their ability to pay.  Such requests should be submitted to any member of the Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting

The Board of Directors, at their discretion, shall set the date, time, and location of the annual membership meeting, shall notify the membership of such information at least two weeks prior to such meeting, shall conduct an election of the Board of Directors at the meeting, and shall transact such business as necessary at this meeting.

Voting Rights and Member Responsibilities

All members whose dues are current shall be eligible to vote at the annual meeting.

Members are expected to perform ten hours of volunteer work each year.  The most coordinated need for workers is in the spring to prepare the courts for play, and in the fall to break them down for the winter off-season.

The courts are to be swept and the lines brushed, using the brooms and line-cleaners provided, after each use.

Members are also responsible for collecting a $10 guest fee from each nonmember who plays with them.  That is $10 per guest, per visit.  These fees can paid online, or be given to any board member or mailed to the address below.  Checks should be payable to O.C.C.A.

How does one join?

Annual membership dues are $100 for an Individual Membership and $150 for a Household Membership.  Half-year memberships are available beginning August 1 for half price.

To join online, click here to register and create a username and password.  Then login and make your dues payment.  You will be presented with two payment options:  Credit card OR mailing a check. 

Alternatively, you may mail a check along with your contact information (including email address) to:

P.O. Box 3642
Omaha, NE  68103

Please make checks payable to OCCA.