July 27, 2013 - 4.x Monthly Doubles Tourney


Saturday Afternoon Session -- 4.0 & 4.5 Doubles

Mike Seaton, Jim Lang, & Robin Mayo

Play in progress.  Jim Lang and Robin Mayo on court #2, Mike Seaton in background.


Morning participants.

Play in progress ... kind of:   Mark Beiting performs his famous levitating ball trick on court #3.


Most of the afternoon's participants.

Participants:  (L to R) Keith Nielson, Mark Beiting (organizer), Mike Deal, Clark Thompson, Bill Stephens, Robin Mayo, Aric Wenzl, and RickCrowl.

Not shown:  Heather Blumel, Jim Lang, Pete Jones, and Mike Seaton.


Winner's Circle

Tourney winners:   Keith Nielson, Robin Mayo, Aric Wenzl, and Rick Crowl.